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Pigoli is a family company specialized in the production of classic sofas and armchairs.

Proudly Italian and family-owned, Pigoli was founded in 1947 by 20-year-old Patrizio Pigoli who started his own armchair manufacturing selling his products locally.

In 1957 the business has enrolled in the Artisan Business Register in Milan, and started expanding its activities all over Italy.

Its first appearance at the Salone del Mobile of Milano (Milan’s Furniture Exhibition) dates back to 1963. Meanwhile the first sales where registered outside the nation, mostly in Europe. Soon after, the company expanded on a global scale.

In 1989 the new Pigoli generation took over company control. Mariella, Giuseppe and Massimo Pigoli, kept expanding company borders into new markets while preserving the tradition of artisan quality as distinctive feature of sofas, armchairs, beds and other pieces.

Today, in addition to prestigious models of sofas, armchairs and beds, unique customized pieces are made on the client’s requests, to satisfy the needs of fast changing market.

Our skilled artisans use solid wood and traditional materials such as feathers and springs for paddings, precious textiles and high-quality leather, to obtain excellent output.

Sofas, armchairs and other sectional pieces of furniture are planned and hand-made thanks to highly skilled craftsmanship techniques and high-quality raw materials chosen from a rich sample collection full of prestigious choices.

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