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How to arrange sofas in your living room

How should you arrange sofas in the living room to create a comfortable space and, at the same time, a style in line with the design of your house? Arranging the sofas in the living area is an activity that should move hand in hand with the design of the whole home, taking into consideration the management of the available volumes and the choice of the most suitable products for aesthetics and functionality.

In order to properly place the sofas in the living room – together with all the other furnishing elements – you can choose to work independently or ask for the expertise of a professional interior designer or company, like Pigoli. In the latter case, specialized consultants will help you define your environment and choose the most suitable furnishing solutions.

You will have the chance to choose linear or corner sofas, models with peninsula or matching ottomans, two-seat or three-seat couches and so on: models, styles, colors and options of the sofas are almost endless, and the arrangement of one or more pieces of furniture will depend mostly on the size of your living room.

If you opt for a linear sofa with two or more seats, you can position it against a wall – always paying attention not to interfere with electrical sockets, that could be useful, or with radiators. Alternatively, a good place could be the center of the room, which will make your sofa the true protagonist of the living area. In this case, it would be ideal to freely move around all four sides of the sofa: remember that you will need larger volumes to do that!

If, on the other hand, you prefer to place two sofas in your living room, the most common solution involves having them face each other, perpendicularly to the wall. Alternatively, the two sofas can form an L or be separated by a low coffee table, suitably styled to stand out visually. Two sofas in the living room are a possible solution only when the available space is sufficiently large.

If you prefer a corner sofa, you will have to remember that this model occupies a decidedly larger space compared to the classic linear sofa. However, corner sofas are quite versatile and can be placed against a wall or, if you live in an open space, they can create a delimitation element between various areas of the room.

Finally, some advice to arrange a sofa in a living area where an open kitchen and a dining table are also present. In the case of “mixed” living areas, you will have to operate in a way to create a synergy between various elements but, at the same time, also their proper separation. If possible, place your sofa against the wall opposite to the kitchen. The table will have to be placed perpendicularly and closer to the kitchen. Another option is to use the sofa to create some sort of visual subdivision between the relax area and the kitchen area, but placing the couch behind the table, in the center of the room, and in front of the TV.