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Handmade customized sofas: our models

Pigoli is the 100% Italian brand that, since 1947, has been designing and manufacturing handmade customized sofas of the highest quality. The wide range of furnishing solutions by Pigoli is synonymous with luxury, accurate workmanship, Italian craftsmanship, top-notch materials and finishes and great visual impact, to the point that the brand has long since crossed national borders to find its place in all kinds of spaces, everywhere in the world.

Today, Pigoli can satisfy the constant evolutions of a vibrant and dynamic industry, all the while keeping its concepts of quality, uniqueness and Italian identity unchanged. The brand offers custom-made classic and contemporary sofas in a range of solutions perfect for any type of environment: it represents the epitome of timeless craftsmanship, able to evolve without distorting itself.

Let’s now take a look at some of the handmade customized sofas by Pigoli by choosing among the main product categories that are at the heart of the brand’s core business: leather sofas, classic fabric sofas, classic sofas with carvings and contemporary sofas.

  • Omero – handmade customized sofa: spectacular to the eye and the absolute protagonist of any space. This large sofa highlights the excellence of capitonné workings that are the trademark of the Pigoli brand. The padding with biconical springs, in the seats, and the natural feather cushions guarantee maximum solidity and exceptional comfort.
  • Matisse – handmade customized sofa: this beautiful velvet sofa has achieved international prestige thanks to its timeless aesthetics and accurate capitonné details. Large in size, Matisse is designed to give elegance and personality to the space in which it is placed. The unique shape at the base of the sofa is enhanced by the vertical striped fabric whose tone matches the velvet and the precious silk lamps with a floral pattern. The feet present an exceptional silver leaf finish.
  • Etoile – handmade customized sofa: imposing and classy, this signature model by Pigoli shows a capitonné pattern in its central area. The modular structure makes this sofa a particularly versatile element despite its large dimensions: you can choose the classic version composed of a sofa and an armchair, or the model characterized by a peculiar curvilinear shape to enhance the comfort and conviviality of your home. The wooden parts are finished with “bleached gold leaf” and adapt well to the damask silk fabric. Particularly valuable are the trimmings, used here to finish the decorative pillows supplied with the sofa.
  • Hermitage – handmade customized sofa: this contemporary model is a timeless sofa declined in a version that will never be out of fashion. Completely updated in its design, Hermitage offers large seats and important depths, guaranteeing and exceptional level of comfort. The fabrics combined in light tones are embellished by decorative pillows with small or floral motifs, carefully styled in pastel colors. Pigoli offers this model with square or round brass feed, according to the customer’s taste.

Which sofa by Pigoli do you fancy for your living area? Explore the website and discover all the models or get in touch with us for a free consultation.