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Fabric sofas with non-removable covers: how can I clean them?

Have you ever wondered how you should clean fabric sofas with non-removable covers? In this practical article, we will offer you some answers and tips to help you intervene correctly.

Unlike classic sofas with removable cover, their counterpart could present some extra problems during normal maintenance operations. That is why it is always advisable to know how to best manage the materials and structure of the sofa, intervening in a way that will bring the piece of furniture back to its ideal aesthetic and hygienic conditions. In fact, sofas can get dirty and stained and it is important to know how to act quickly and effectively.

In general, even sofas with non-removable fabrics should be subjected to thorough cleaning at least once a year. The amount of interventions and its frequency obviously depend on the quality and quantity of use of the piece of furniture: if you have children or pets, for example, it is fair to assume that your sofa will need a more frequent deep cleaning.

The first thing to do to clean sofas with non-removable fabrics is to take a look at the product label, which shows the manufacturer’s indications and the fabric composition (velvet, cotton, fiber, polyester, nylon and so on). The label is one of your biggest allies because it will tell you if you can clean the sofa using water-based or specific products, or – on the contrary – if it will have to undergo dry-cleaning. In any event, whatever the indication, you might want to start cleaning your couch operating on a small, more hidden portion of fabric, so to evaluate the effectiveness of the result.

Here are the operations that you should always carry on to clean sofas with non-removable fabrics and get satisfactory results:

  • Vacuum dust, residues and crumbs: use a suitable vacuum cleaner or its appropriate accessory for fabrics. Remember that you should never wet the sofa if the upholstery fabric is dusty. In general, vacuuming is a practice that you should repeat on a weekly basis.
  • Brush the covering: this is the next step, and must be carried out with the aid of a soft-fiber brush that does not damage nor scratch the fabric of your sofa. Also remember to use a good quality anti-hair brush and treat even the most hidden and critical areas. Dust the structure and the feet of the couch with maximum care.
  • Washing: unless the fabric must be dry-cleaned and therefore requires specific products, you can use delicate detergents for washing your fabric sofa. Alternatively, you can get in touch with the sofa manufacturer and ask for information about which products are most effective for your model.
  • Stains removal: if necessary, specific stains on your couch will have to be treated singularly. A good remedy to remove stains from fabric involves the use of classic Marseille soap which, when properly moistened, should be left to act on the stain for about ten minutes before being removed with a clean, wet and well-wrung out cloth. Alternatively, you can opt for steam cleaning, while regarding any chemical cleaning agents is always best to contact the sofa manufacturer for further indications.

Good luck with your work!