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Coffee table height: a guide

What is the perfect height for a coffee table? Are there standard rules that cannot be broken or the height of coffee tables can vary according to specific factors? In this short guide, we aim to offer you practical answers that will allow you to properly choose one of the most important pieces of furniture in your living room.

First of all, it is essential to clarify that there is no fixed rule for coffee table height: in general term, this dimension should always be proportioned to the sofa height.

On average, the height of standard coffee tables is around 50 centimeters from the floor up: this size reflects the classic height of a couch. However, it is possible that some sofa models will turn out to be lower or higher than the norm, and in this case, you will have to choose the coffee table in accordance, with the goal of creating a harmonious and proportioned environment.

When choosing this piece of furniture, it is always important to keep in mind that height is not the only discriminating factor, and your purchase should be the consequence of some specific assessments. These assessments include:

  • Shape: together with the materials, the shape defines the design of the coffee table and should match the style of the living area, the sofa or the entire house or apartment (unless you prefer an eclectic interior design).
  • Color: the coffee table can have neutral colors such as white, black, wood essences, or be made of materials like glass. Glass offers an aesthetical impression of great lightness. However, there are also very colorful models of coffee tables that can become an ideal choice for modern interior design spaces.
  • Materials: as previously mentioned, coffee tables can be made of glass/crystal, chromed steel, veneered wood, plastic or innovative/recycled materials. In this case, the choice of the correct piece will depend on the style and colors of your living area.
  • Dimensions: in addition to the coffee table height, you will have to consider the width and depth of this piece of furniture. Try to avoid particularly bulky pieces if the space at your disposal is limited, because the visual impression would be that of an even smaller room. Always keep in mind your sofa dimensions, because the couch is the piece of furniture with a direct connection to the coffee table.

Ultimately, the basic features in regard to coffee tables are numerous, and height is definitely one of the most important.

As previously mentioned, on average, coffee table height is around 50/55 centimeters. However, the general rule wants this piece of furniture to be proportioned to the sofa, which means that it should always be at least a couple of centimeters lower than the couch seats.

This proportion and visual harmony allow the coffee table to be used to easily support items such as magazines, glasses, smartphones and so on.

In any event, if you prefer coffee tables that are higher that your sofa seat, our advice is to not place them in front of the couch but next to it, close to the armrests.