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Classic padded double beds: timeless beauty

Classic padded double beds are an excellent solution for those who are looking for pieces of furniture for their bedroom and want something that will not be affected by momentary trends or the passage of time.

The Pigoli brand has been, for decades, the international reference in the production of classic padded double beds that are the result of Italian excellence in craftsmanship. Because of the peculiarity and uniqueness of the models that Pigoli offers, and because of its great quality and careful selection of raw materials, plus its top-notch workmanship, the signature classic double beds by Pigoli are now in countless homes worldwide.

Founded in 1947, the Italian company is now globally recognized thanks to its immediately distinguishable models: sinuous shapes, exquisite workmanship, maximum care of every project from initial consultancy to post-sales assistance make Pigoli a must for customers looking for top-level furniture.

Let’s take a closer look to some of the most famous classic padded double beds designed and manufactured by Pigoli, in accordance to the best tradition of Italian craftsmanship.

Classic padded double beds: models by Pigoli

  • Cleos Bed: it is a classic double bed with a majestic and imposing appearance, characterized by a rich artisanal carving with gold leaf finishes. It is perfect for spaces where luxury is a conditio sine qua non for every piece of furniture chosen. Particularly noteworthy is the foot of the bed frame, which recalls the precious motif chosen for the headboard and its capitonné decoration. A splendid and classic lady chest completes Cleos and can be used as a very elegant container when placed at the foot of the bed.
  • Matisse Bed: another classic padded double bed by Pigoli characterized by a typical Italian feel. The sinuous headboard made of soft velvet matches the precious silk brocade on the bedspread, creating an ensemble of considerable aesthetic impact. The visual effect is very classic, elegant and especially sinuous in terms of shapes, also thanks to the accessories made of coordinated fabrics.
  • Preludio: this classic double bed boasts natural tones for a simple and yet captivate visual impact. The headboard, very delicate in terms of lines, is inspired by the look of silk and manages to underline a certain rigor when it comes to the shape of the piece. Maximum comfort is guaranteed by the super-soft duvet and decorative pillows, designed in different sizes. All the Preludio accessories are made of coordinated fabrics. As usual, there are many different finishes available, from ivory and gold to Wengè, from mahogany to sponged silver.

Which model of classic double bed designed by Pigoli is better suited to the spaces of your home?

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